Breakfast Update — Week 2

On to week 2 og 2017. This week we have big numbers from WeChat, very interesting hire from Snapchat, new Google Maps features, Facebook adding even more formats. Here you go. Just in time to discuss over breakfast.

Let’s go.

Facebook Mid-rolls: One of the biggest news this week is that Facebook is starting to show video-ads in the middle of video-content. So far, only on videos that are 90+ seconds and only when the user have passed the 20 second mark. Facebook will share the revenue with the publishers. As usual, the product has been launched with a select group of publishers. Read more here and learn how to set it up here.

Instagram Story Ads: Not long after the Facebook rumour/announcement, Instagram followed through. The visual platform with the rather successful story product, will now start showing ads between the stories that automatically plays. It should be available to anyone within the coming weeks. The stories have over 150 million daily unique users. Check out the new ad format here.

Facebook Live was also updated. Here are the updates:

  • Users can now go live from desktops and laptops.
  • Pages can give multiple contributors rights to go live from the page
  • Video metrics for public videos will be available for Profiles with 5,000 or more followers.
  • Broadcasters can now pin comments to highlight specific comments for new users.
  • Video Permalink for Pages
  • Crossposting of Previously Live Videos

Full update here.

Amazon Search development vs. Search Engine: A quite interesting illustration of the power of Amazon in the US. The search-engines and Amazon had the opposite development in the last 3 years.

More than 50% of shoppers turn first to Amazon in Product Search, and this development does not seem to be stopping.

Snapchat are moving their international headquarters to the UK.

Snapchat hired the former Oakley retail director as head of retail store operations. Seems like a move towards more Spectacles for the roaring crowds?

Google are aiming Maps Features at Foursquare. Users can create lists of places they want to go, or places they have already been. Read more here.

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