Susan Sarandon: Women are not vaginas.

You are not on my bad side for supporting Bernie. You can support whoever you please. I and all the women of my generation and before our generation fought for our right to make our own choices. Our choices about our lives, our bodies and our politics. You are on my bad side for reducing yourself and other women to vaginas.

Women are not “vaginas”, “cunts”, or any word medical, Latin, French, street talk, baby talk, word that sums us up by the type of our genitals. Misogyny is reducing yourself and other women to a set of organs.

It’s not edgy, it’s not cool, it’s not progressive. It is reactionary. It is vulgar.

As a woman I have life experience. I have an intellect. I have knowledge. I have emotions. I have achievements and failures that do not start and end with my genitals. My value and the value of other women is not that they are vessels for procreation.

I am a complete human being that is not to be reduced to my genitals by you, the progressives, the religious fanatics of all hues, the tea baggers, the boomers, generation x’ers or all the millenials combined.

You are giving permission to degrade me, you, Hillary Clinton and countless women to simple minded morons that think only via our genitals. You think it’s cool and righteous? Well it’s not.

Each and everytime I encounter that admonition: don’t vote with your vagina, I cringe. I wondered if I was being prudish. It’s not prudish, it’s in your face reductionist sexism with all the bells and whistles passing for being enlightened and transcended.

As a woman who has a public presence you, Susan Sarandon, need to make a public apology for your words. This is not acceptable. Women will support you in your choices, but not when you denigrate other women in the same way that they were denegraded for centuries.

You are on the bad side of this woman for being clueless about reducing other women and yourself to genitals. Countless times I have been reduced to a feminist cunt, how is that any different than your “vagina”? You just use a higher pay grade word.

( actual words start at 1:29).