Guilty Verdicts Are Not Justice

By Tracey Corder, Alyxandra Goodwin and Jasson Perez

Artwork by Mer Young via Amplifier

Today we affirm past statements that guilty verdicts do not equal justice. Convictions don’t save lives and they are not our end goal. We envision a world where we can live in safety and abundance without being surveilled, incarcerated or imprisoned.

In her book “We Do This Til We Free Us” Mariame Kaba reminds us that “…this moment is held up as one where the system worked, because someone we feel contempt for was punished. The system will occasionally offer such kernels, but they don’t add up to justice.” The system will sacrifice individual members to keep itself intact.

We will not be divided over kernels that offer the facade that a few reforms will get to the core of the racist and capitalist nature of the police.

We offer love and support to survivors of police violence. Abolition is the justice we deserve.

Tracey Corder — Deputy Campaign Director, Alyx Goodwin — Senior Organizer, Jasson Perez — Senior Research Analyst

Action Center on Race and the Economy



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