The Tools Every Women of Color Needs to Break Creative Industry Standards

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Everyone is creative, even if they acknowledge it or not!

For most, creativity is a natural ability and for some it is a learned skill set that comes with daily practice. Anyone can get into the Creative Industry with these simple tips and tricks: creating a portfolio, developing competitive rates, and building that table. Furthermore, this article will highlight some ways to stand out from competitors and break into the creative industry with some tips for startups, students, and professionals that may need help with breaking that creative glass ceiling to create or even build their own table.

Learn The Art of Building

As a current job seeker and recent graduate that are creatives, it’s not easy breaking into the creative industry. And honestly, it is important to learn how to build your own table and opportunities with full passion. John Williams even recommends that people should, “take their career into their own hands instead of waiting for someone to hand them the right opportunity.”

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Produce Creative Opportunities

The right opportunity might just be first learning how to build your own creative table. Then second, break that glass ceiling with specific skill sets and qualifications that include a creative portfolio, consistent passion for the craft to learn and develop, and the drive to start a SMART plan. A SMART creative plan: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely plan; just comes with discovering what to create, then learning the craft, and eventually deciding to start on your own path of becoming successful. Granted everyone defines success differently!

A creative portfolio is a personal website, Dropbox, and social media platform that showcases creative projects and work samples that showcase various skillsets. These channels are what is typically shared among creatives, employers, clients that are consumers, and target audiences for startups. A creative portfolio demonstrates that SMART plan and is the key to breaking that glass ceiling.

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Break Those Glass Ceilings

Before this article concludes, let’s define the glass ceilings. Glass Ceilings are the metaphorical barriers that keep minorities and women from reaching specific entry or higher-level positions. Also, these barriers are keeping some recent graduates, freelancers, and job seekers with a range of professional experiences from an open door filled with opportunities. Don’t fret these glass ceilings that are now breaking!

It’s time to start branding your own table with creative portfolios and a platform that is full of passion, truth, and identity to stand out to employers and from competitors.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more articles to come

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