Give yourself a voice: Put an end to the taboo

By Love And She

Talking about pregnancy loss is tricky for couples because it continues to be a taboo that breeds silence, worldwide. It is a difficult subject for men and women to talk about to each other, leave alone seeking support from family and friends.

But, the scenario seems to be changing slowly, and for the good.

In half a decade, celebrities, including movie stars, sportsmen and sportswomen, doctors, authors, entrepreneurs, etc., have come out in the open about their multiple miscarriages. They all had just one common agenda — to help other couples voice out as well. It was not easy for them, but it is needed at a time when depression and divorce due to pregnancy loss are the most common repercussions.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, have generated campaigns from young men and women who have written open letters about their experiences as an individual and as a couple. More recently, men have started talking about it as well. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took his own platform by storm when he wrote a lengthy message on his page wall about the miscarriages that his wife and he have gone through — therefore announcing the arrival of their baby.

Why talk about miscarriage?

  • It is important that couples talk about it to each other — without pushing each other away or leaving each other without support. Coming out can be very daunting however very helpful for a lot of couples.
  • A lot of couples go through this alone. Family and friends are not aware of how to support them. Talking about it will slowly mitigate the taboo because people around you will realize how to deal with you as a couple while you are steering through pregnancy loss.
  • When you decide to talk about it to people close to you or even when you seek support outside, you have to delve about why you want to share your story. The fact is that couples have found hope even after multiple miscarriages and talking about it has only kept them going.

If your loved ones are surprised by your sharing, you can tell them that you do not expect an immediate reaction, because some people can be unintentionally hurtful as they do not know how to deal with the situation. Also, it really helps when you tell them how they can help. It is important that the sharing process has a result that is helpful to the couple also. The fact is that it can be a positive experience for everyone.

However, while this is happening, there is one part that is still not addressed to a very large extent. How are couples coping with their relationship? Is enough being done to help them support each other through their marriage or relationship when they are living in a baby-obsessed world under so much pressure?

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