Getting Started

I wish I could record my thoughts as fast as they appear in my mind. To write or dictate them takes too long. Trying to remember the perfect words that have passed is not always possible in my distracted state of awareness. The moment of clarity is fleeting and disappears instantly. These spontaneous revelations of understanding and knowledge are not synchronized with the worldly abilities and have been the source of inspiration and frustration that have contained my desires to write them down.

However, it’s really not the thinking that gets in the way, but rather the feelings. How we feel is what produces the energy to create or not create. The feelings are affected by our thoughts that arise from our experiences internally and externally. Those perceived experiences are filtered through our beliefs to take the form of reality. Our beliefs came about when we first started to learn what the outside world was teaching us and has continued to this day.

This is nothing new. It’s a subject that has been covered endless times by many great minds. The foundation of the most popular books ever written since civilized humanity came into existence. Religions, governments, media, and influential organizations have understood and used this understanding to affect human behavior.

The manipulation of people’s beliefs is ultimately the control of how we feel at any given moment, which is prolonged by repeated experiences of a similar nature. Most of history is full of examples of the ‘Santa Claus Effect’ (something I made up) “You better be good, You better be nice, You better watch out, I’m telling you twice!” Everything is ‘fear’ based with regards to how we ultimately form our beliefs. Guilt, shame, lack of anything that diminishes our egoistic identity causes ‘dis-ease’, which makes people want some kind of relief so they will ‘feel’ better. (Let’s buy something now!)

Few of us ever become aware of the idea that a ‘want’ is not a ‘need’. If I stop all the noise and just notice the ‘present’ and observe my surroundings it becomes much easier to distinguish between a need and a want. I need to eat and breathe, but I want an expensive toy or gadget. Of course, there are other needs of equal importance to sustain life, and they are not restricted to human life. The need for the feelings of love and well-being are observed at ‘all’ levels of life down to the molecular level of DNA. Yes, our feelings affect our own physical make up and everything around us. (plants, animals, water, our planet,etc.). These things have been observed and studied by the scientific community for some time, but the actual mechanisms are vague.

Now, just consider your surroundings and ‘notice’ the objects, and then the space around them. One defines the other. Then observe the color of any of the objects around you and ask yourself: ‘How does the ‘light’ reflect off of those objects creating that ‘color’, ‘that wavelength’? What in that object’s atomic structure is reflecting light that is entering our eyes and sending a signal to our brain to experience that object. Going a little further along this path you might consider how various ‘wavelengths’ affect our feelings. (all the frequencies that stimulate our five senses). Music is another powerful stimulus/wavelength that has a profound impact on life’s functions.

All energy is a form of wavelengths at endless frequencies from both ends of the infinite spectrum (smallest to largest). We are only able to experience a tiny portion of this spectrum, but we don’t really know how much. If one understands that all matter is made up of energy and gives off a frequency of it’s own it can be safe to conclude that our own collection of atoms (our physical body) also is generating a wavelength/frequency at an unconscious level. Is that energy wave constant? Probably not. The functionality of our brain, consciousness, awareness, etc. (call it what you will) is not well understood by anyone. We all have a unique set of abilities to perceive the energies of our experience both internal and external. Some people are more ‘sensitive’ than other’s which results in greater intensity of feelings/emotions/passions, etc.

This points to our ability to go beyond our five senses with regards to ‘compassion’ and even spirituality. Fortunately, this type of perception is not static in any individual. The growth and development of this sensory trait results from our life’s experiences. The energy wavelengths that affect our feelings either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ will take us in the direction of what we ‘notice’.

This is where the ultimate outcome is presented to us as a conscious choice that each of us can make. We can choose the thoughts that make use feel good without the controlling beliefs imposed on us by our inner and outer worlds. OK, so we decide to change our thinking, but it’s not happening. What’s with that? Not using the ‘tools’ we have built into us, namely, ‘imagination’ and ‘gratitude’ are a couple that come to mind.

This is where we begin to Break the Thought Barrier. Imagination is infinitely powerful and can create everything that ‘is’, ‘was’ and ‘will be’ because travelling at the ‘infinite’ speed of imagination means you a experiencing timelessness, your standing still, nothing moves, you are ‘everywhere’ simultaneously. You can become one with the ‘ALL’. Your It! You are the ‘I am’.

The other tool ‘gratitude’ is a little more effective when it goes from being simply ‘thought about’ and truly becomes a ‘feeling’. When we notice how amazing everything is it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude.

This brief and superficial summary contains the essence of my forth coming publication under the same title. I would like to leave you here with a couple of quotes by someone who was operating at a higher frequency than most.

“…imagination will take you anywhere.” and “You can live your life as if ‘nothing’ is a miracle or as if ‘everything’ is a miracle.” Albert Einstein.