Spiritual op-ed
Jonas Ellison

Yes. No one really ‘Knows’. The degree of certainty is the degree of

faith (the strength of one’s beliefs). The strength of beliefs that filter our sensory perceptions are in proportion to the feelings or emotions attached to them. Fear and love are very powerful mediators of our feelings. That is how governments and religions (at times one and the same) have controlled the hearts and minds of humanity. Thus creating a reality that serves their ends.

The only thing that the universe ever said was: I AM. Creator and Creation are inseparable. Like a circle the alpha and omega begin and end at the same point. Traveling at the infinite speed of imagination is actually standing still (no movement or time) only one is everywhere simultaneously resulting in the concept of eternal. Since everything that was, is, or will be exists now we have access to infinite possibilities that we can manifest if our certainty is strong enough. Thus we have the choice to create our own ‘Truth’, our own reality.