Ring Symbols

Nalani Kopp
May 29, 2019 · 2 min read

What does it mean to have a ring on your finger

A gold emblem of unity spread across your hand

A commitment kept surrounding your body

A note left written across your heart and soul?

How symbolic is a wedding to you

Where parents accompany down an aisle

Placing your hand in his hand at the altar

Awaiting a blessing from an ordained official?

Do you know the meaning of partnership

A promise between two of equality,

Of invested equity, in terms of time and companionship

And a glimpse at future joys together?

Shall I remind you why we are here

To get to know the spirits of one another

To see if we are kindred or soul mates

Or are you already aware of this scenario?

Why is there such an emphasis on commitment

Arms linked on sidewalks, fingers interlaced

Walking and dancing in two steps

Adjoining genders on the dance floor?

Why not focus on the journey

Being with me, right now, right here

In this room of poets and lovers

Reading you these rhetorical questions?

What if you change my mind

Reawaken romantic gestures, notions, feelings

Perhaps I will welcome your stance

Where the world of love is not shaded?

Will you require direction

As many have received a detailed list

Or naturally will you guide your hands

Along the curves of my spirit?

Can you heal these wounds

Of weakened expectations

Of the let down and get down

A city girl growing callus about her heart?

Or perhaps we should start

With how it goes from this moment

Where you can decide your words

Your actions, your movements, alongside me?

Want me to be honest?

No matter how scarred, burnt, broken

I will always reassemble my pieces

And share wholeness with you.

Listening for my greatest weakness?

It lies in between these lines

The love of lovers

Seeking the light within others.

How to sum up the self

In just a few stanzas simply?

I would probably just keep

Posing open-ended questions.

Who is the self really?

She is an ever-evolving goddess

A genie who fulfills your wishes

A nymph passing by with kisses.

Who am I to you?

A choose your own ending book

That meal you always wanted to cook

A woman who keeps your look.

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Artherapy Poems

Poems that heal, discuss life moments, and more

Nalani Kopp

Written by

www.nalanikopp.com Customer Experience Advocate & Black Sheep #techinclusion #speaker #changemaker #gtm #womenintech #strategy I advocate for the #underdog

Artherapy Poems

Poems that heal, discuss life moments, and more

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