Breakout Labs Signature Event Unboxes Radical Scientific Innovation

Last week, Breakout Labs held Unboxing — our annual showcase in which Breakout Labs portfolio companies “unbox” their scientific innovation. Nearly 300 investors, strategic partners, and more made their way to the Pearl to watch 16 of our portfolio companies present their radical technologies, ranging from energy and materials to biofabrication and therapeutics.

We kicked-off the event by shining a little light on what we do at Breakout Labs and how we’re building a future powered by science.

Executive Director Lindy Fishburne welcomed everyone to Unboxing and introduced our first set of companies who are building a future powered by light and sound.

UbiQD is developing a new kind of safer, brighter, cost-effective, and more reliable quantum dot, which harvests sunlight into energy.

LogicInk makes temporary tattoo-like wearables that are electronics-free and transform to convey useful information about your body or the environment.

FlightWave is an aerospace company focused on revolutionary energy sources and aircraft concepts. The company’s mission is to dramatically boost the range and endurance of aerospace vehicles, ranging from small UAVs to spacecraft, via carbon-free energy sources.

Blumio is giving the century-old blood pressure monitors an overhaul. Through an innovative sensor that can detect arterial tissue movements, Blumio makes it possible to measure blood pressure noninvasively and continuously.

The next session consisted of companies building a future powered by cells.

Modern Meadow is re-imagining leather through the biofabrication of animal products without the animal.

SciBac designs microbial hybrids using its proprietary gene transfer technology to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant disease.

EpiBone is growing anatomically-precise replacement bone from a patient’s own cells.

Azitra is developing a microbiome-based platform to deliver sustainable treatments for skin disease.

Portfolio Director Julia Moore then took the stage to highlight ten of our companies in attendance: Cortexyme, Cytegen, Entopsis, G-Tech Medical, Immusoft, IonDX, Longevity Biotech, nanoGriptech, Seatrec, and Zymochem.

A networking break followed and everyone headed up to the Mezzanine level to get a closer look at the science and technology.

Bringing everyone back to their seats, Scientific Director Hemai Parthasarathy introduced the third set of companies who building a future powered by the small.

Gel4Med focuses on engineering smart materials to solve challenging problems in regenerative medicine.

C2Sense is creating miniature, affordable, carbon nanotube-based detectors to digitize gas sensing information and offer actionable intelligence for food freshness, safety, and environmental monitoring.

Ras Labs creates electroactive polymer based materials and actuators (Synthetic Muscle™) that contract and expand, attenuate impact, and sense pressure for prosthetics, ear buds, athletic/protective gear, and robotic linkages and grippers.

Opus 12 is transforming industrial carbon dioxide emissions into useful chemicals.

The companies building a future powered by data closed out the show.

Exabyte is the fastest way to develop materials and chemicals from concept to product through high-fidelity modeling and machine learning. The platform integrates state-of- the-art modeling tools and large-scale computing infrastructure into an end-to- end web-based solution.

CytoVale measures dozens of single cell biophysical and morphological markers at high throughput and low-cost to develop clinical diagnostics with a flagship product in early sepsis detection.

Envisagenics identifies novel therapeutic targets in cancer and genetic disorders, using an in silico platform that combines transcriptomics data with machine learning.

3Scan is a computational pathology company improving the understanding and diagnosis of disease through novel robotics, sensors, and chemistry.

Networking followed with more demos on the Mezzanine and a beautiful cocktail reception on the rooftop. We cannot wait for next year’s Unboxing!

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