Event Recap: Cocktails in San Francisco

On July 19th, Breakout Labs hosted Cocktails and Conversation at Hotel Zetta to bring together our San Francisco community. Nearly 200 investors, strategic partners, and other community members, in addition to the 17 Breakout Labs companies, attended the event.

Executive Director Lindy Fishburne welcomed everyone and shed some light on how we’re building a future powered by science.

Scientific Director Hemai Parthasarathy then introduced the following companies, who each spoke briefly on who they are and what they’re working on:

3Scan is a computational pathology company improving the understanding and diagnosis of disease through novel robotics, sensors, and chemistry.

Blumio measures blood pressure non-invasively and continuously through an innovative sensor that can detect arterial movements.

CalWave harnesses the renewable power of ocean waves to produce electricity and freshwater through its Wave Energy Converter.

Cortexyme is developing therapeutics to alter the course of Alzheimer’s and other aging disorders by targeting a specific pathogen tied to neurodegeneration.

CytoVale measures dozens of single cell biophysical and morphological markers at high throughput and low-cost to develop clinical diagnostics with a flagship product in early sepsis detection.

Exabyte is the fastest way to develop materials and chemicals from concept to product through high-fidelity modeling and machine learning. The platform integrates state-of- the-art modeling tools and large-scale computing infrastructure into an end-to- end web-based solution.

G-Tech Medical is creating the “EKG for the gut,” a wireless patch that measures the motor activity of digestive organs.

IonDx developed an ion mobility spectrometer that measures protein conformation quickly and effectively for in vitro-diagnostic development and biotherapeutic manufacturing.

LogicInk makes temporary tattoo-like wearables that are electronics-free and transform to convey useful information about your body or the environment.

Maxterial is creating high-performance nanostructured surfaces that remain antimicrobial, water-repellant and corrosion-free.

Opus 12 is transforming industrial carbon dioxide emissions into useful chemicals.

Pelitex is a Product Development and Technology Licensing firm with an IP license to practice and exploit a key disruptive technology called Nanogradient™ materials. Nanogradient™ is a customizable nanoscale alloy that exhibits magnetic, electrical, thermal, mechanical, and anti-­‐corrosive properties critical to the performance of products across many market and industry sectors.

Peroxygen Systems is a clean chemistry company that makes highly efficient modular electrochemical systems to safely produce low-cost chemical oxidizers on-site.

SciBac designs microbial hybrids using its proprietary gene transfer technology to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant disease.

Seatrec is harvesting clean energy from temperature differences in the environment to provide power at remote off-grid locations.

UbiQD produces very bright quantum dots (QDs) with a scalable, low-cost process using environmentally friendly synthesis that is free of toxic heavy metals and/or other carcinogenic materials. These QDs harvest sunlight to create power.

ZymoChem is re-designing the microbe to eliminate carbon loss during the brewing of chemicals.

Portfolio Director Julia Moore closed out the introductions and encouraged everyone to continue mingling and having valuable conversation.

Overall, the event was a success and we can’t wait to see everyone at Unboxing!

Are you an accredited investor that wants to attend Unboxing? Send our Community Manager an email to request an invite.