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More Tools to Improve Your Writing

Find me every Saturday morning at 11:00 am EST on The Writing Cooperative sharing my “Writer’s Toolkit”

I talk about tools a lot on Breakout Writing. Now I’ll be sharing some of those specifics over on The Writing Cooperative, in a new weekly series. I hope you’ll join me over there.

The first story in the series is all about how and when to use the pronoun I.

You’ve heard it before, “Be careful using I too frequently in your writing.” We can all agree it’s the proper pronoun when you write first-person fiction or essays, but even in those writing formats, overuse can push readers away. It’s tempting to avoid using it altogether in other formats, but that might be a mistake because I has advantages no other pronoun can claim.

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And an exclusive sneak peek at this Saturday’s story:

4 Templates You Can Use Right Now to Improve Your Articles
And 3 you need to ditch if you plan to move forward

If you’re a member of my newsletter, Picking the Locks, I’ll shoot you an email with the link when that one goes live.

Happy writing Wednesday!



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