Breakout Labs Companies Unbox Latest Scientific Innovations

Renee Shenton
Breakout Ventures
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4 min readNov 16, 2019


Last week, Breakout Labs held Unboxing — our annual showcase event in which Breakout Labs portfolio companies present their deep technologies.

Left: Scientific Director Hemai Parthasarathy. Right: Executive Director Lindy Fishburne.

Executive Director Lindy Fishburne welcomed our audience of investors, partners, ambassadors and community members. After a brief overview of Breakout Labs, she handed the mic over to Scientific Director Hemai Parthasarathy who introduced the various types of companies presenting throughout the afternoon.

Clockwise: Bioelectric’s Russ Potts, Curie Co’s Erika Milczek, Cytegen’s George Ugras, and DropGenie’s Hugo Sinha.

Bioelectric Devices is developing AI-driven therapeutic monitors that are accurate, affordable, and universally accessible to people living with diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders.

Curie Co uses proprietary enzyme engineering and synthetic biology techniques to replace chemical-based antimicrobials banned by the FDA in personal care products.

Cytegen is developing therapies for neurodegenerative diseases by rejuvenating the body’s ability to generate energy.

DropGenie is developing a bench top machine that enables scientists to make meaningful changes to genomes.

Left to right: Envisagenic’s Maria Luisa Pineda, Glyscend’s Ashish Nimgaonkar, and Inhalon’s John Whelan.

Envisagenics identifies novel therapeutic targets in cancer and genetic disorders, using an in silico platform that combines transcriptomics data with machine learning.

Glyscend is developing a first-in-class, oral metabolic therapeutic which is restricted to the gastrointestinal lining and designed to mimic the benefits of bariatric surgery on type 2 diabetes and weight loss.

Inhalon is developing inhalable biotherapeutics for treatment and prevention of pulmonary diseases.

Left: Napigen’s Hajime Sakai. Right: Nuclease Probe Technologies’ James McNamara.

Napigen offers genome technologies for mitochondrial DNA to create broad business opportunities including the production of hybrid wheat in agriculture.

Nuclease Probe Technologies is redefining sepsis diagnosis by harnessing the power of bacterial proteins to enable the rapid treatment of bloodstream infections with appropriate antimicrobial therapy.

Lindy Fishburne also took the stage to interview Strateos’ CEO Mark Fischer-Colbrie. Earlier this year, 3Scan and Transcriptic merged to form Strateos. Strateos automates chemical, biological and image analysis in a closed loop robotic laboratory, granting our partners the power to accelerate drug discovery programs.

Breakout Labs’ Lindy Fishburne and Strateos’ Mark Fischer-Colbrie.

After presentations concluded, Julia Moore sent us up to the Mezzanine and Rooftop for continued networking, demos and cocktails!

At the end of the event, Checkerspot (a Breakout Ventures company) gave away a pair of their WNDR Alpine Skis, their first backcountry product derived from biotechnology. Checkerspot uses synthetic biology and chemistry to produce novel bio-derived oils from engineered microalgae as a key component for high performance materials. Our winner was Marcus Lehmann, ski enthusiast and CEO of CalWave Power Technologies. Congratulations, Marcus!