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Renee Shenton

Sep 26, 2017

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Sure to Get Your Blood Pumping: Blumio Receives Funding from Breakout Labs

Blumio, a blood pressure monitoring startup, is the latest company to receive funding from Breakout Labs.

Blumio is developing a wearable sensor for continuous blood pressure monitoring. Blumio’s patent-pending RF sensor measures and analyzes arterial movements to accurately determine pulse and blood pressure. Successful commercialization of Blumio’s technology will open a new window into monitoring, maintaining, and improving cardiovascular health.

Blumio’s team is comprised of CEO Catherine Liao and CTO Oliver Shay. Catherine and Oliver met while working as technologists at the World Health Organization during the SARS epidemic in 2003, where they built systems to support rapid communication of critical health data. Later, after both joined Cisco, Catherine and Oliver met Lillian Dai, who was was researching wireless sensor technology. Together, they founded Blumio in 2015 to address the unmet need for better biometric monitoring.

Breakout Ventures invests in creative bioscience companies harnessing the power of cells and computation to scale solutions in human health and sustainability.