A Time to Reflect on Your Career — Should You Make a Move in 2023?

What would you I do if money were no object?

While the job market is quite strong, I am not necessarily advocating anyone make a move come the new year without careful consideration. I do however encourage everyone with a job to take the usually quiet time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to really think about the job they’re in and the path they are on. Be brutally honest with yourself and ask, “

Consider all aspects of your job, including the qualitative aspects of your job:

· Do you feel respected? Appreciated?

· How much do you trust your manager and the senior leaders in your organization to do the right things?

· Do you derive a sense of accomplishment doing what you do?

· Do you feel like what you do matters and makes a difference?

· Are you growing bored and feeling unmotivated?

· Are you where you thought you’d be at this point in your career?

· Are you overworked?

· Do you feel underpaid?

If your answers to any of these questions lead you to think it’s worth considering a move, even if you decide to not leave your current job, you will at least become aware of what opportunities are available for someone with your skill set and experience. This is especially true if you receive an offer, then you will know precisely what you are worth in the job market.

Let’s assume you don’t want to leave your current job but in exploring the market you learned you are well below the average salary for that position in similar sized companies in your geographic area. You will now have information that you can take to your boss to request a compensation review. I never advise making threats or issuing ultimatums and I know most people are uncomfortable asking for more money but if you won’t make the request to be paid adequately who will do it for you?

Here’s one approach: “

When you meet, you don’t need to tell her, “”. But you can say, “

How she responds will tell you pretty well whether you should stay or seriously consider leaving. Again, don’t make it all about the money or say, “” This approach seriously irks many hiring managers and many companies that feel they don’t want to be strong armed. But it is OK to say, “”.

Take some alone time with a writing pad or a tablet and give thought to what you want out of your work. Don’t worry about the “how” at this point or the potential challenges and obstacles. Let go of the self-judgments and “shoulds”. Ponder the question: “answering this honestly will likely reveal your true calling and purpose. The second phase of this process is to find someone to help you develop a plan to make your dream job a reality. It might not be easy to do but I know from experience that taking the first steps is hugely uplifting and empowering. What are you waiting for?

Frank Manfre, Breakthrough Career Coaching www.frankmanfre.com/career-coaching



Develop a Career Strategic Plan to identify and land the job or launch the business you have always wanted. Enjoy a career with a high “psychic salary”.

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Frank Manfre

Business & career coach w/ 35 years experience in leadership roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations focused on developing leaders & org health