Fear as an Obstacle to Changing Jobs

I recently conducted a poll asking what the primary reason was for people taking action to find a better job. Interestingly, almost half identified fear as the primary obstacle. In my career coaching practice I often encounter talented people with a strong skill set and plenty of experience that are immobilized by fear. They worry they will be worse off by switching jobs, even when they hate their current job and/or boss :(

I don’t advocate rash, knee-jerk decisions when it comes to making a career move but I do strongly encourage people who feel stuck to take some quiet uninterrupted alone time to really think about and visualize the type of job they want and would enjoy and the traits of an organization they’d love to work for — even if means taking a pay cut.

Frank Manfre www.frankmanfre.com/career-coaching



Develop a Career Strategic Plan to identify and land the job or launch the business you have always wanted. Enjoy a career with a high “psychic salary”.

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Frank Manfre

Business & career coach w/ 35 years experience in leadership roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations focused on developing leaders & org health