Job Cuts Are Scary — How Do You Handle Them?

During layoffs remain positive and focus on what you can control

No matter what you call it, layoffs, reduction in force, or “rightsizing” (BTW no one losing their job feels it was “right”), unless you own the business or work for yourself, at some point you are bound to experience it at your company if you are there long enough. It is a real concern for many right now with economic uncertainty and inflation causing angst for millions of workers and corporate boards.

So how do you handle yourself when people in your department or functional area, including friends or your boss, are getting cut? When cuts are announced, it’s wise to offer positive suggestions; don’t complain. Management isn’t a place where they will hear and accept negativity. They are under a ton of pressure from the C suite.

Keep in mind that while we don’t wish colleagues or bosses (usually) any ill-will, that if your boss has been cut it might be an opportunity for you to demonstrate leadership and project management skills. This can position you for a promotion when things turnaround (which they will) and it can definitely provide strong content for your resume when you decide to pursue opportunities in other companies.

Misery Loves Company — Avoid the gossip mongers and negative discussions about management and certainly don’t initiate any. Stay positive and focused on doing a good job. That’s something you can control. Don’t invest in the “what ifs” doom and gloom game; it’s not healthy or helpful.

Frank Manfre



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Frank Manfre

Business consultant & coach w/ 35 years experience in leadership roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations focused on developing leaders & org health