10 Elements of a Winning Culture

1. People enjoy the work they do and the people they work with. Few leave solely for higher pay.

2. People take pride in the work they do and the organization they work for.

3. There are high levels of engagement, connection, camaraderie, and a community of caring.

4. There is a culture of fairness, respect, trust, inclusiveness, and teamwork.

5. The leaders walk the talk, live the values of the organization, and communicate a clear vision and strategy for growth with input from all stakeholders.

6. There is a lot of open, honest, robust, and transparent communication across the entire organization. Messengers don’t get shot!

7. The organization invests in its employees and there is a commitment to learning, coaching, and development.

8. There is a bias for action; employees are empowered and have an ownership mentality. They always strive to give their personal best.

9. There is a high level of accountability and strong focus on delivering desired results.

10. There is ample recognition and rewards for teamwork and achievement; mediocrity is not tolerated.

11th Element: A leader that knows that building a winning culture takes time and that trust is the foundation.



Articles on leadership, building high-performance teams, organizational health and culture.

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Frank Manfre

Business & career coach w/ 35 years experience in leadership roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations focused on developing leaders & org health