As a Business Owner Do You Want What’s Best for Your People?

I have met business owners that firmly believe that if one their employees talks with a recruiter, even when the recruiter initiates the contact, that they are being disloyal. Others will even fire someone that they learn has interviewed elsewhere. How dumb, shortsighted, and petty is that?

Here’s what I have said to those owners: “You have often said your business isn’t for sale. Yet I’m curious, if a highly-qualified buyer offered you an all cash deal for three times what you know your business is worth, would you at least hear them out regarding the terms?” They always say, “Sure, I’d be crazy not to at least listen”. To which I say, “Well, then why would you find fault with a good, hard working employee that does the same thing?

My first business mentor, the founder and CEO of a publicly traded company told me when he hired me as a young manager “I try to hire good people and I am happy to invest time and money training and developing them. So, I am not surprised when other companies, including our competitors, try to hire them away. I take it as a compliment and encourage them to go listen”. That has always stuck with me, everyone wants the opportunity to better their situation and should be afforded the opportunity to do so. If you truly care about your people, you should want what’s best for them, even that means losing them. Those types of leaders create a culture where good people are always wanting to work there so they don’t worry about turnover; in fact, they celebrate when of theirs gets a great job in another organization.

Frank Manfre



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