The Breathe Life and National Bank Insurance Partnership

Redefining the purchase of life insurance

Today we are very excited to officially announce the partnership between Breathe Life and National Bank Insurance. This symbiotic relationship was developed to improve the simplicity for consumers to find and purchase life insurance products directly online in a faster and more secure way. National Bank Insurance has extensive knowledge about their industry and clientele, and Breathe Life has the technology to enable them to distribute at a whole new level.

Together, we are completely changing the life insurance distribution game.

The insurance category is a relatively untapped financial segment, especially in the online space and we’re so happy to be working with a partner like National Bank Insurance. They have seized the opportunity of taking a leading role in reshaping the insurance industry and have done it by implementing a consumer-centric approach.

Peter D. Thompson, Senior Vice President, Insurance and President, National Bank Insurance, who we have been working closely with said, “we’re proud to offer the most differentiating life insurance product of this category in the market, which truly reflects consumer habits, preferences, and needs. For us, it’s fundamental to empower clients to choose how and when to purchase insurance, in a secure and effortless way.”

Through this digital distribution transformation of life insurance, consumers can purchase products on their own from the comfort of their home, and financial advisors can sell faster and reach to new audiences. National Bank Insurance has fully implemented the Breathe Life Direct Distribution Platform and we are pleased to announce that they’re already seeing a marked growth in their insurance distribution and a significant reduction in customer acquisition costs.

Some of the key features of the National Bank Insurance — Term Life Insurance online product powered by Breathe Life include:

  • Flexible Coverage: Consumers have the ability to choose flexible temporary coverage for 10 or 20-year terms.
  • Speed: Term Life applications can now be completed entirely online and faster than ever before.
  • Mobile First: The Breathe Life platform has been designed mobile-first and is seeing 70% of purchases on mobile devices. This ensures engagement with a new generation of consumers.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: On-top of being able to purchase life insurance online, consumers also have the ability to schedule calls with an advisor at any time before, during or after purchasing to answer their questions or concerns.
  • Coverage Without Medical Tests: Consumers can get up to $750,000 in coverage without blood and urine tests.

This partnership is also helping our team accelerate our pace of iteration and innovation, we’re already looking to introduce several new breakthrough solutions to our platform in the coming months. One step at a time, we’re working towards our mission of bringing financial security to people, whoever, and wherever they are.