Discovering new things should be easy

And 6 things I discoverd last week, you won’t believe number 5.

Couple of weeks ago we released a new version of Brebble. As Falco Tibben (co-founder Brebble) wrote earlier, it’s been a while since we launched something new. But this is exactly the moment where things are getting interesting.

After the silent launch of our new product, we did some small fixes and we are almost ready to do a proper update. Then we will be ready to onboard more users.

When you are building products you always have many challenges to face. Same goes for Brebble, from the start we knew we had to major problems to solve, for which we haven’t found a proper solution yet.

As a user, our product relies completely on you. Our goal is to create a place where you can discover new adventures together with your friends. Without users, there is no content. And without content, users can’t discover shit.

To solve this, we will launch a new on boarding process where we ‘force’ the users to add content to the platform. Our goal here is that this needs to be easy as hell, and it should be really fun to do.

Another goal is that we want to give users the right content at the right time. Users should be able to find really quickly what they want. That’s when Brebble will be a success for me, if they can swiftly discover new adventures while spending as little time as possible on our platform.

That’s something we nailed already, pretty much nobody spends time on our platform… yet ;-).

So, to make some progress here users are able to switch between different categories.

After that the user will be able to filter content based on who you follow, staff picks and most popular content on the platform.

I am pretty excited on what is coming up. Because discovering new things is hard, but always exciting.

When was the last time you did something new?

Well, let me tell you what I discovered last week:

  1. Rooftop pool hotel W — Bar / Restaurant
    You want to do something Epic in Amsterdam? Go there and drink a beer with view on the Dam.
  2. Kagetsu — Bar / Restaurant
    If you want to eat some great shushi, go here. No all you can eat crap. Nice and friendly staff and in the great neighborhood: the nine streets
  3. Rave — Sam Paganini Music
    You always got some songs over time and when you hear them, you immediately feel energetic. Well, I’ve got that with this song right now.
  4. Narcos Season 2 — Tv Show
    New season of Narcos is available on Netflix, and its pretty awesome again! Great for the lazy weekends.
  5. Ron Gastrobar Indonesia — Bar / Restaurant
    One of the best Indonesia restaurants I have been to, also located at a beautiful place near the Amstel (river).
  6. De Koffie Salon (HAY) — Bar / Restaurant
    One of my most favorite coffee bars in Amsterdam. Nice environment to do some work during the weekends.

If you are still here! High Five men, and thanks for reading my article. Let me know what you think, or follow me or Twitter!

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