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Podcasts on Breez: Streaming Sats for Streaming Ideas

The Breez Lightning client has added a native podcast player. It’s the next step in turning the economy into the Lightning economy.

One small step for Cheetos. A giant leap for Lightning. (Image: Mike Mozart)

How Lightning Benefits Podcasters

As is the case with many creative products, monetization and distribution are significant obstacles for podcasters. The obvious solution to the monetization problem in podcasting is advertising, and the obvious solution to the distribution problem is to get listed on a big streaming platform, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

How Lightning Benefits Listeners

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How Podcasting Benefits Lightning

Lightning is bitcoin, but scalable. Scalability, though, is not the same as operating at scale. Lightning needs volume. As more people transact over Lightning, the network’s liquidity will increase, its centralization will decrease, and network effects will take over.

Podcasting 2.0 on Breez

The podcasting 2.0 model coincides exactly with how we see the world and how we’d like to see it develop. It’s a vision podcasters share. And with our ability to provide the P2P, micropay-by-the-minute functionality to thousands of users and to connect those users with dozens of great podcasts, it’s the perfect vertical extension to our thriving Lightning client.

Podcasts on Breez

Aggregated payments

Paying for a coffee is a micropayment. Paying for a minute of podcasting is a micro-micropayment. Without an algorithm to aggregate those tiny amounts, routing fees could consume a significant fraction — or even a multiple — of the user’s intended payment. So the podcasting UX is one thing, but figuring out how to stream the payments rationally is another.

  1. The app then calculates the amount to be remitted to each destination at each interval and adds it to the running tally for each destination.
  2. Breez tries to execute a payment with routing fees capped at 20%.
  3. If the routing fee-to-payment ratio was low enough, the payment is completed, and the amount is deducted from the cumulative tally. If the ratio is too high, the payment is retained in the running tally for the next attempt, lowering the next attempt’s ratio and increasing its chances of success.
  4. Once a payment succeeds, Breez knows the actual rate of fees collected over that route, and the app gains a new parameter to consider. Breez uses that newly learned parameter to optimize future payments to that destination.


Payments are executed using keysend, i.e. invoice-less payments. For every podcast payment performed in Breez, the app sends an additional custom record, containing the following metadata:

"podcast_title": <title>
"episode_title": <title>
"action": stream | boost
"action_time": hh:mm:ss

Streams of Cash and Consciousness

Podcasting 2.0 on Breez is the fruit of exactly the right payment technology converging with streamed content produced by like-minded, innovative, independent creators. It’s a union built on mutual admiration and respect along with some beautifully elegant code.



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