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Why Breez Is Committed to Bitcoin

Breez is going all-in on bitcoin because it’s the right thing to do

See the people spending and transferring bitcoin? With one hand? That’s Breez.
  1. Bitcoin offers unparalleled commercial advantages (i.e. it makes the most business sense)
  2. Bitcoin has an unparalleled social infrastructure behind it (i.e. it’s the best for the world at large)

Bitcoin Is Good for Business

BTC market dominance adjusted for volume and liquidity. Sorry altcoins. [Source: JP Thor]
If we pick the same flower, we both win. That’s bitcoin vs. altcoins. [Source: Vera Kratochvil]

Rough consensus and running code

If any single currency is going to dominate, it had better be decentralized. The US dollar is a global reserve currency, which has arguably let the USA punch above its weight for decades through cheap debt and the ability to dictate terms for many global transactions. The more influence any single person or institution has over a growing currency, the more investors, businesses, and consumers will be a their mercy.

I cut, you choose: so effective, it even works among siblings. [Source: Wikimedia]
  1. People will more readily adopt what they know (or at least think they know). Bitcoin has joined the cultural vocabulary; altcoins not so much.
  2. In the course of normal reporting on cryptocurrencies, the mass media are doing much of the product marketing. Searching for “bitcoin” on Google news yields over 576 million hits (and counting), “cryptocurrency” yields just over 93 million, and “Ethereum” — bitcoin’s closest competitor— yields less than half of bitcoin’s total with 246 million.

Bitcoin Is Good for the World

For many, knowing that bitcoin has the best profitability prospects of all cryptocurrencies is enough. That’s okay in the short term. Breez, however, is committed to building a sustainable business, which means that we also think about how our product affects “human needs and aspirations.” We do this in many ways, like publishing our code.

How do you depict the liberating potential of bitcoin in a photo? Frolicking puppies will at least put you in the right mood. [Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash]
Some see an impenetrable border fence; we see a Breez-permeable membrane. [Source: Wikimedia]



Breez is building the interface of the Lightning economy with a versatile SDK and a non-custodial Lightning app.

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