Barker of the Dog House on a Tight Leash

NEIGHBORHOOD — The failure of the Pupcare Bill a few weeks ago is causing division among Dog House Repuplicans.

Some place the blame on Dog President Pooch for failing to fully get behind the bill, while others blame the Barker of the Dog House, and want to see him resign or replaced.

A Repuplican Congressdog who wished to be kept anonymous told Breitbark, “It’s clearly all the Barker’s fault. He is the reason Pooch promised to repeal and replace O’Boomercare in the first place. This was the Barker’s bill, and this embarrassment is too much for our party to take. Even putting puplitical agendas aside, any failure of this magnitude should be grounds for a resignation.”

Dog President Pooch, when pressed on whether he expects the Barker’s resignation, declined to comment.

We will have more on this story as it continues to develop.

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