Repairers of the Breach to Launch Mobile Course in Public Theology & Activism

As a part of our national training and education ministry to “educate church and lay leaders who will pursue policies and organizing strategies for the good of the whole,” Repairers of the Breach is pleased to announce a Mobile Course in Public Theology & Activism in diverse locations across the country during Spring, 2018.

The four hours of instructional time will be co-led by the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, who is president and senior lecturer of Repairers of the Breach, distinguished visiting professor of public theology at Union Theological Seminary, and Bishop with the Affirming College of Bishops; and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, a celebrated author and director of the School for Conversion in Durham, NC. There will also be instruction in musicology of the Movement from the Rev. Shyrl Uzzell and Yara Allen.

As a national organizer for the 2018 Poor People’s Campaign, Repairers of the Breach is engaging faith communities and preparing moral leaders across America for this work, through the mobile course in public theology and activism.

This course will introduce participants to:

  1. A freedom Movement framework for understanding faith in American public life, with an emphasis on the faith tradition(s) at hosting institutions.
  2. Scriptural and theological basis for public engagement, as well as an immersion in the musicology of the Moral Movement.
  3. Analysis of current context in the particular state in the nation.
  4. Introduction to moral fusion organizing principles & stories of current faith-rooted organizing.

We also invite participants to engage with various supplemental readings including: One Nation Under God, by Kevin Kruse; Democracy in Chains, by Nancy McLean; White Rage, by Carol Anderson; The Third Reconstruction, by William J. Barber, II; Reconstructing the Gospel, by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove (2018 release); and Always With Us?, by Rev. Liz Theoharis.

For more information please email