Hitting the reset button on my freelance operations

Oy vey, it’s been a long two weeks, but I’ve done it. I’ve got a brand new website for my freelancing services. The Dapper Designs name and imagery I’ve used for 7 years is now retired.

The name is used a lot in different facets of design. It was a hard lesson learned that generic terms can be drowned in search queries on social platforms.

But hey, c’est la vie.

Now, I’m just plain old Brett Thurston. Yep, my name! You can now find me at BrettThurston.com. It’s going to be nice to consolidate my actual identity with my freelancing endeavors. Also, it was a little cumbersome to always give out the URL DapperDesign.me. Some folks just aren’t hip to unusual suffixes in URLs yet.

I’ve learned a lot in the past 14 years that I’ve been freelancing. Many successes and a few failures. I’ve learned most importantly how precious communication is in any project. Updating clients on every milestone is something I can’t suggest enough. I’d rather give too much info than not enough during the project.

Also, it’s important to stay focused on what you offer. At my day job I always preach “Just because we can do it, does it mean we should? What’s the return on investment (ROI)?”. I’m going to take my own advice and stick to where I would like to grow as a professional. Becoming a Full Stack Developer is my goal. Right now I’m pretty comfortable with the Front End of development. Currently, I’m studying frameworks like React and Angular as my next step in that direction.

Finally, I’ll be focusing on organization and time management. Some freelancers are fine with hand shake agreements. I’ll be using simple Contracts of Agreement with specified timelines and expectations for myself and my client. It’ll all fit on one page and be easy to read. I promise.

Google Drive is now my project management environment. It has tons of data I can use in the cloud and easily share with clients and team members.

I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my professional life. I love my day job as a Digital Content Director at iHeartMEDIA, in Mobile/Pensacola but I’m eager to take on new, additional, creative projects that will keep me sharp!

So I’ve got a new website, a new name, and a new road map to success. Let’s do this!

Have you ever hit the reset button on your freelance operations? What would you have told yourself in the beginning of your freelancing career, if you could?

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