9 Reasons to Create Your Own Beer Brand

    Rhian Mainwaring
    Feb 12, 2019 · 4 min read

    Creating your own beer brand increases margins, but there are also many more reasons to produce your own beer.

    Here we have a quick look at the benefits of creating your own beer brand if you’re a buyer, marketing professional or product developer for a hotel, pub or supermarket chain.

    We work with three main sectors, hospitality (bars and restaurants) retail (supermarkets and retailers) and businesses (including brands) all of which have created their own beers with BrewBroker.

    Create your own beer brand

    Creating your own beer can either be rebranding an existing recipe from across our brewers portfolio or it could mean developing a completely new beer from scratch. Our system makes this incredibly simple to do, in fact BrewBroker was conceived by our founders when they were setting up the contract brewed beer brand Big Hug Brewing co. After googling and cold calling breweries, repeating their needs only to find that they didn’t have spare capacity, BrewBroker was born! BrewBroker automatically matches you with breweries who can fulfil your needs and steer you in the right direction, easy.


    How does 70% margin on a £5.00 pint sound? This is the average price we are currently getting for white label beer through our platform. That’s a pretty good reason right there, not to mention the below…

    Social Conscience

    Kelloggs and Marks and Spencer made the news with their collaborations with breweries. Utilising their waste products (cornflakes and bread) their white label beer brands were a great way to use waste products for good. Does your company have a waste product?

    Brand Equity

    A great beer can do great things for your brand. Whether that’s as an agency looking to impress new clients with your own beer, or you’re a bar who would like your own brand across your chain, or a supermarket looking to branch in to craft with your own beer. Adding your brand to a great product gives you good margin, but also new exposure, and qudos.


    It can simply come down to choice, perhaps there’s a gap in the market, or there’s a particular beer you’d like to pair with food. Perhaps one of your best sellers has gone out of production and you’d like to replace it’s style with your own version. All great reasons to create a bespoke brew.


    What’s a better gift than beer? Whether they’re press gifts, an internal reward scheme or promotional material, beers make a great gift.

    PR Opportunities

    As mentioned before brands using waste products have received great press coverage. Creating your own beer driven with initiative gives your PR department a great hook to sell in to press.

    Point of Difference

    Craft beer is a huge trend and certainly isn’t slowing, customers are hunting for different beers and experiences and are keen to shout about them (look at the popularity of untappd) Your bar, hotel or restaurant may want to draw new crowds with a special brew, one only available at your outlets.


    We love the idea of locally sourced beers for a hotel or pub chain! You could keep the same recipe but have it brewed across the country close to your locations. An eco concept with a great press angle, you could tweak the label design to match each location and create a collectable selection.

    Import / Export

    We won’t mention the B word, but should European trading change you can brew your beer in the country it will sell in, removing freight miles, reducing import taxes and improving the shelf life of your beer which of course is also a more eco friendly option.

    Think that creating your own beer is a great idea but don’t know where to start? You can create a tender with as little information as the style of beer and quantity. You can organise site visits, be involved with the recipes, specify vegan, gluten free or no alcohol — all on an easy to use platform. Or, we can manage the whole process for you.

    Once you have been matched with relevant suppliers you can shortlist your favourites to send you quotes, set up secure payment schedules and re-order simply on Sign up for your free account here.


    No Barriers Between You and Your Brew

    Rhian Mainwaring

    Written by

    Digital Manager BrewBroker


    No Barriers Between You and Your Brew

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