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Toby and Ben walking the grounds at CBR18

BrewBroker Soft-Launch

Ben Morgan-Smith
Feb 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Craft Beer Rising began life back in 2013 with 75 breweries in one room at the Old Truman Brewery on London’s Brick Lane. Six years on CBR is now one of the UK’s largest trade and consumer beer festivals boasting an impressive line up of over 175 breweries, 4000+ trade guests and somewhere in the region of 8,000 consumers spread across the three days.

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BrewBroker & Sour Fingers on their CBR18 stand

So it was only right that we took the opportunity to soft-launch BrewBroker, the online marketplace for brewing, packaging and logistics, directly to those it is intended for.

Sour Fingers

Our video explaining the Sour Fingers launch challenge

This would help us to illustrate how one of our core buyer segments (a start-up) would use the BrewBroker platform to get their product to market. So Sour Fingers Brewing Co and their raspberry infused sour beer was born alongside BrewBroker on stand 165.

Customer Validation

The demo, which featured 60 supplier profiles, was used to demonstrate how a buyer would be matched to various types of suppliers. We received a fantastic response from the dozens of customers we demoed this to. As hoped, we were given some really useful feedback that is now forming part of our final stages of development.

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Sam and Sarah talking to Sixpoint Brewery CBR18

Over the course of the event, our early registration form on the site received 72 sign-ups and we personally took a number of registrations at the event, plus many follow-up meetings to arrange.

All of these sign-ups have been added into our existing beta group of 85 suppliers and 70+ buyers giving us a great starting position as well as an opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge.

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BrewBroker early registration site

We’re busy planning the next stages of development which will take us up to our launch in the spring. We will be sending out regular updates as we continue on our journey to make the beer industry more accessible, smarter and profitable.

So a fantastic result for BrewBroker, and we’re pleased to say Sour Fingers went down a storm and have managed to get their beer into a couple of pubs!

If you’re a brewery, pub, restaurant, retailer, packaging or labelling company, request free access to our growing online community here.


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