2080 Baseball’s Top 10 Brewers Prospects

Beginning yesterday afternoon on Twitter, I began revealing the updated Top 10 prospects in the Milwaukee Brewers’ system, according to the fine folks over at 2080baseball.com.

I got through numbers 10 thru seven along with passing along their “last five out” rankings as well. I promised a quick post unveiling the Top 6 for today in advance of their site posting the full list including write-ups on each of the players to make the list.

The most interesting fact of the list (which you probably have already jumped down to and aren’t even reading this anymore) is that they have a different #1 than every other publication/site/person among those I typically read for prospect info. What’s more, Brinson isn’t even listed as the most highly rated outfielder. That honor was given to last year’s #5 overall pick in the June draft Corey Ray.

So, without further ado, here are 2080 Ball’s Top 10 Brewers prospects entering 2017.

  1. Josh Hader (LHP)
  2. Corey Ray (OF)
  3. Lewis Brinson (OF)
  4. Isan Diaz (SS/2B)
  5. Luis Ortiz (RHP)
  6. Lucas Erceg (3B)
  7. Mauricio Dubon (2B/SS)
  8. Brandon Woodruff (RHP)
  9. Marcos Diplan (RHP)
  10. Phil Bickford (RHP)

I reached out to 2080 Baseball’s Nick Faleris to inquire about the order of the Top 3.

Faleris told me that the fact that they have Hader at 1 is “a product of how much we like Hader, and not a reflection of being down on Ray or Brinson.” That is certainly a defensible position from where I sit. Hader has some variance in his projections around the industry, but he’s certainly well-regarded and most people agree on the height of his ceiling even if not on his chances of reaching it.

As for why they ranked Ray ahead of Brinson when so many places had Brinson as the system’s top guy, Faleris said that it came down to Ray’s better on-base skills and how those add “cushion” to the likelihood of meeting projections. They have a high opinion of Brinson though, so don’t allow a #3 to cloud that view. Faleris said that the loose comp they arrived at for Brinson was “a profile similar to Adam Jones.”

With that explained, I ask you what do you think? Who should have made the list? Who is too high? Too low? And what about the order of those who did?

Leave your comments below or hit me up on Twitter @BrewerNation to talk about it.

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