3 Back with 2 to Play…

By: Big Rygg

Well, friends, the most annoying think I can think of took place just a couple of short hours ago:

The Chicago Cubs have won the National League Central Division.

And it’s annoying for a lot of reasons, but mostly because Cub fans are jerks. They come to our park to cheer for us to lose. I understand why they’d want to come to Miller Park instead of Wrigley Field, but the bottom line is that they have their own ballpark to ultimately be disappointed in once again.

I know a guy that lives in the suburbs of Chicago. He is a die-hard Cub fan, so he obviously wanted to see them win this division. What did he and a couple of his friends do tonight? They drove to Cincinnati to watch the Cubs defeat the Reds. That’s what a true fan is.

But I digress.

I really just wanted to get on the blog here tonight to remind the Brewer Nation that the glass is 3/4 full for next year. We’ve got a FANTASTIC talent base here in Milwaukee, and with a couple of changes, we can not only get out to a great start again in 2008, but we’ll be able to run away and hide a bit better than we did this year since we didn’t do that this year at all.

Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Ryan Braun, J.J. Hardy and Corey Hart not only hit 1–5 in our batting order, but they are truly representative of the good things that are potentially in store for a baseball city yearning for, pining for and desperately seeking a champion.

There are a million things to discuss this offseason (and believe me, I’ll be talking about all of them), but it’s important to note that this season is not yet over. We’ve still got two games to go.

Some people will tell you that finishing with a winning record will help them consider this season to not be a total loss. Others will say that it’s a total loss regardless because of what could have been.

Me? Hey, the Brewers are right on track with the prediction I made back at the end of the 2005 season. That prediction stated simply that we’d contend in ’07, but just fall short, and that we’d make the playoffs in 2008. Time will tell on whether or not I can switch my nickname from Big Rygg to Big Nostradamus.

Something else that can tell whether or not a nickname change is forthcoming would be Mark Attanasio and/or Doug Melvin firing Ned Yost. He’s been a fine manager, overall, over the years, and the fact that he’s gotten us playing at least .500 ball over two of the last three seasons is something for him to hang his hat on, but he just doesn’t seem capable of taking us to the next level.

His volume knob only goes up to 10. We need someone to crank it to 11.

Ned Yost deserves a lot of credit for a lot of things that went right over the past few seasons, but he also deserves a lot of blame for the majority of things that went wrong. How much can you put up with on the wrong side?

Our window of opportunity is just opening. I’d love to see Milwaukee take advantage of it soon and often.

Look back here for a season recap next week, an off-season preview following that (complete with Free Agents, Arbitration eligible players, etc) and all the news that we come across on the Brewers.

Also, keep the Brewer Nation as your main source for accurate and timely reporting regarding transactions of all kinds. We also provide knowledgeable breakdowns and analysis of all things Brewers.

Now, as far as this weekend goes, I’ll be at the game Sunday afternoon, cheering the Crew on to a winning record, and hopefully helping out Kellia and her D’Backs.

As always…GO BREWERS!!!

We had a heck of a run in 2007. Here’s to a great ‘08!

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