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Tonight at Miller Park!

By: Big Rygg

I will be at the ballpark tonight, sitting in Section 430, Row 9.

I’ll be wearing my Official Batting Practice cap, along with a green, horizontally striped polo and blue jean pants or shorts. If you need more a of indication of what I look like, check out our Photo Albums.

I must admit that my digital camera suffered an unfortunate accident, so unless you have a digital camera to bring with so that we can take a picture for the “Readers Photo Album”, we won’t be able to do the picture thing, but, I’d love to meet all of you just the same. And since the game tonight is sold out, I would think that at least one of you all will be at the game tonight too.

Having said my piece on that, I’ll see you at the ballpark for Game 1 against the Minnesota Twinkies.

Go Brewers!!!




Senior Brewers presence in the MLBlogs community. Covering the team with a fan’s perspective from inside Miller Park.

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The Brewer Nation

The Brewer Nation

Senior Brewers presence (since Jan '06) in the community. Covering the team from a fan's perspective.

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