There are no facts people, deal with it.

Watching Question time and on every debate the public are begging for facts. “Just please tell me if I vote this way or that what the future will turn out like?”.

Unfortunately, you cannot have 100% facts about what the future will look like. Which is why you have people on all sides of the campaign giving their different predictions about the future.

The official Remain side believe that the UK will suffer economically if we leave and access to the single market is too important for us strategically.

Labour think that we will suffer economically but not as much but are far more concerned that a Tory Led leave campaign would erode workers rights and move us closer in the direction of America. Where the economy is strong but the rich get very rich and everyone else has a poorer quality of life.

Vote Leave, think we can take back all the money we pay into Europe, still get a good deal with the EU, introduce an immigration points system and there will be no economic cost as they believe the single market isn’t that important us anyway, that we will do free trade deals with the rest of the world quicker and more in our favour than the EU could.

But they are all people’s opinions (and downright lies) and they all have their own agendas. The UK is not used to referendums where they have to make up their own mind on this kind of decision and every person’s vote counts. This is a complex issue, which even if you were working in parliament for 5 years you would probably still struggle to understand it all.

But we have a referendum, so you are going to have to deal with the uncertainty, the spin and agendas from all sides and come June 23rd vote for your, your children’s and your grandchildren’s futures.

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