Did Russia Interfere with the US Elections?

Q: Why do anti-Trump and anti-Brexit people feel the need to conjure up a conspiracy about Russia interfering in the US election and the EU Referendum?

Answer: Some of us can go one better than conjure it up some conspiracy, because we don’t need to nor gear ourselves that way. We can show real, bona fide evidence to some level of activity coming from “Russian directions”. However, this question on Quora spawns a secondary, indirect question which is how much were they involved and was it state sponsored?

During the Trump campaign, many websites had attempted massive brute force hacks hacks and if they didn’t manage it, they set the name or language of the bot they attempted to hack with, to words which affected the Trump vote, which are all just spam.

…From a list of.

Side Comment:

secret.google .com is a Unicode hack, don’t click it! It isn’t from Google and here’s why (LinkedIn post ).

This Analytics hack is just a direct attempt to get folk to click the link to an affiliate site and thus, make money, but it hits at a time where Trump is topical and hence the message gets through.

However, the side effect of hitting any system using something like Google Analytics like this, would also display the bot’s browser-agent name and language settings and if this is then used as reports by inexperienced marketers, their customers would see it. Effectively punishing the marketer or ideally, propagating the necessary message.

Where did these come from? Quite likely our friend(s) in Samara Blast. However this may also equally be a Tor proxy, so they could very well be anywhere else, including in America, but even if only Russian proxies are being used, it arguably doesn’t absolve them of blame, nor involvement.

Samara Blast: Which if you need to know, is based in a certain country.

Marketers: unwitting Trojans in the game.

This naturally increased traffic by default, to the site, which allows marketers to say “Hey, look what we did!” which in turn may get them more business, but propagates it faster, because more customers see it. Marketers become an unwitting Trojan participant in the game.

Some key activity around the significant periods of the Trump campaign. Note when it ramped up and died down.

We can be pretty confident that there was some level of “Russian” involvement. The question is, how much and by whom? Personally, I’m not yet convinced it’s government sponsored, I have to say, since I don’t believe that has been conclusively proven yet. It could be a complete side effect of over-spamming at an opportune time, by script kiddies trying to make some cash. That said, we can’t rule that out at this stage.