Notes from the Long Term Planning Meeting 10/2016

On Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 there was a meeting “Seeking input from district patrons for long term strategic planning purposes.” We had a good representation of parents, staff and administrators from all four of our buildings. John Haila and Sam Stagg lead us through a series of questions that were focused on gathering patron feedback on a handful of different topics.

Here are a few interesting notes from the meeting:

  • When talking about the Elementary school, many people did not care if it would be renovated or built new. The overarching sentiment was “do what worst best for our teachers” ❤
  • Concerning Elementary school location, there is overwhelming support for keeping the elementary school at the current location.
  • Strong request for more gym space to accommodate a growing district and youth sports programs.
  • A healthy discussion about how facilities contribute to a sense of district pride and how a growing student population can preserve that intimate and caring feel.

Back in June, the district hired Haila Architecture to develop a Master Plan Study for $36,000. This master plan will include an assessment of our current facilities, financial obligations, our projected student growth and our long term district goals to produce a document that will inform future facilities and financial decisions. This plan should be completed near the end of the 2016 calendar year.