An Open Letter to Transwomen From A Transman

Love, Brian

Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

I see you out there trying your best.

We live in a world where ‘tranny’ flies off the tongue as if the word doesn’t inflict any pain. We live in a world where a transwoman can be brutally murdered and disposed of just because some man found her attractive. I see you somehow standing tall in those heels you’ve always wanted to wear — the ones I never dared to touch.

I see a brave woman that fought so hard to get to where she is.

I see a woman that scraped up every ounce of courage possible to step out into the world as her true self instead of hiding behind a button–down shirt, a tie, and khakis. I see a confidence that had to be built from the ground up against all kinds of obstacles. I see a rose that grew from the concrete in the middle of a drought. I don’t know you did it, but I’m proud that you did.

I see a puddle of tears that turned into a raging sea.

I see words that became bullets you grew used to dodging. I see a crowd of ignorance following you everywhere you go — one that’s placed you on stage only to study you like a cadaver. They point out what anatomy you may or may not have and use it against you. They back you into a corner and demand that you pull down your pants or snatch up your skirt so they can see what’s under there. They demand to know if your breasts are real or if you have an adam’s apple. They demand with such ignorant entitlement — as if you were plopped on Earth just to make them uncomfortable.

I see Christians brainwashing others into thinking you’re some kind of monster — as if you’re individual Frankensteins.

They boldly proclaim that you’ll rot in hell because you changed the body God gave you — as if people don’t go out and get plastic surgery everyday. They lie and tell you that you’re a mistake and that you’re unlovable. These are nothing but lies. They claim you’ll rot in hell because of who you love and how you love, because you won’t put on a suit and tie and conceive children and drag them into their churches to get baptized.

I see strength.

I see tenacity. I see resilience. I see beauty. I see greatness.

No matter how far you are in your transition, no matter how many people you’ve come out to, no matter how long you waited, no matter how much you used to try to fight it, and no matter what it took to get here — you are one of the bravest people on this Earth.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


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