Are We Still Gender–Policing Sports?

A thirteen year old girl in Wales was forbidden from playing football and called a lesbian simply because she plays the sport. Darcie lives in Cwmbran, Torfaen and simply wants to play football. She asked her P.E. Teachers if she could play football and they told her no “because it’s a boy’s sport.”

While the school wouldn’t let her play, she still plays for a local team as a central midfielder. While playing, she’s even heard the parents shouting sexist things like “Don’t let a girl tackle you.”

Unfortunately, Darcie isn’t the only girl that faces these frustrating obstacles. Wales Children’s Commissioner, Sally Holland, states that this is a common thing. She goes on to say girls rarely get opportunities to play football and rugby.

Girls are supposed to play with dolls and boys are supposed to play with balls, right?

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. What year are we in? 1945? Fortunately, this doesn’t happen as often in the US. Women still don’t get the same lucrative opportunities as men do in sports, but they aren’t forbidden from playing unless it’s from their parents in most cases. Women athletes often don’t get paid enough as male athletes, even though they work and play their hearts out. Girls are starting to get positions on school football teams in the US. There are boys and girls teams in many schools across the country. In NBA Live 18 and 19, WNBA players are in a huge sports video game for what seems like the first time.

Girls and boys shouldn’t have to be boxed in by strict society rules. They should be able to explore whatever interests them as long as it’s legal and safe. If a girl wants to play a sport, she shouldn’t be barred from doing so. Boys shouldn’t be shunned from the kitchen if they develop an interest in cooking.

Girls should be allowed to skateboard. Boys should be allowed to dance. Girls should be able to play football and get dirty if they wish. Boys should be allowed to opt out of sports and explore other things.

It’s just silly at this point.

Women can do anything men can do, aside from the baby–making roles. When men went to war, women took over the factory work. If the man of the house was killed or got severely hurt, the woman had to take over. She also still had to take care of the kids and the household.

Why do people still believe women are delicate flowers? They literally push children out of their bodies. My Speech teacher took one of her final exams while she was in labor. Some women are in labor for over a day, and they just endure it. My grandmother was fixing roofs and mowing lawns with the push mows when she was a kid.

They bleed for 5–7 days a month and still walk around like nothing is wrong. Some women get incredibly painful cramps, soreness, and various other torturous symptoms, but they still get up and go to school or work every day and do what they need to do. Some men act like they’re dying when they get a cold.

We shouldn’t be gender–policing sports. We shouldn’t be gender–policing anything.