How Homophobic Do You Have to Be to Burn Kids’ Books?

Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash

A man with entirely too much time on his hands walked into a public library in Iowa, checked out LGBTQ children’s books, went home, and filmed himself burning the library’s books.

This man filmed himself for 29 minutes ranting about LGBTQ people and read from the books. He went on to rant about how “filthy and disgusting” the books were.

His name is Paul Dorr, and he runs a blog titled “Rescue the Perishing”, which is also an anti–LGBTQ and pro–life group. He calls himself a Christian. He went to the Orange County library on the same day as their pride parade which was October 19th.

After his lengthy rant, he began to drop the books into the fire.

Dropping the copy of Two Boys Kissing into the fire, he said: “That one won’t be going on the shelf any more!”
Throwing This Day in June onto the fire, Dorr added: “Orange City library, you will not be checking that one out to kids.”
Explaining his actions, Dorr said: “I cannot stand by and let the shameful adults at the Orange City Library Board bring the next group of little children into their foul, sexual reality without a firm resistance.” — Pink News

These books don’t even belong to him. He took them from a public library and burned THEIR property. That has to be illegal on some level. OC Pride has released a statement as legal action is being discussed.

OC Pride said in a statement to the outlet: “It is disappointing to see folks break the law in a community where we believe abiding by the law keeps everyone safe. — Pink News

Anti–LGBTQ people have been antagonizing us forever. How full of hatred do you have to be to burn kids’ books? Two books stood on the shelves in a library full of them. It’s none of his business who checks those books out, and it’s not up to him to decide who gets access to these books or not.

I am livid. Representation is extremely important. People need to be able to see themselves in all forms of media. Growing up, I didn’t see any other trans people anywhere. I didn’t know they existed until high school. LGBTQ kids are growing up thinking something is wrong with them because they either don’t see anyone like themselves or they’re constantly getting told “being gay is a sin.” LGBTQ kids are singled out and bullied. They are at a greater risk for chronic anxiety and depression. Now you want to take away one of their precious escapes — fiction?

Wearing socks is also a sin. Women wearing sexy clothing is a sin. Wearing jewelry is a sin. Tattoos, bacon, any kind of pork, American football, and gossiping are all also sins. Women speaking in the church is a sin. How many of these have you done in the last month? In the last week? Today? Do you have any tattoos? Have you worn socks? Have you eaten any pork? Do you still rock that gold chain you spent a pretty penny on?

Aren’t Christians supposed to let God do the judging? Why are they burning other peoples’ property? Why are they screaming that we’re going to hell? Why are they trying to take away our basic rights?

If I’m going to hell, I guarantee I’ll see each and every one of you Christian bigots there. You commit sins everyday. You pick and choose which Bible verses you want to follow. You save the verses that get you through the day. Then you conveniently forget about the rest of them. Yet, you still carry on like you’re better than everybody else. You shout your hateful, disgusting views in an attempt to make us feel inferior.

I am so tired of it. I know some amazing Christians. The ones I have in my life are some of the most welcoming, warm, loving people I have ever met in my life. A hateful word rarely ever comes out of their mouth. When I came out to them, guess what they said?

I love you. 
I want you to be happy.
What pronouns do you want me to use? What do you want me to do for you?

No, they didn’t tell me to love myself as “God made me.” They didn’t tell me I was going to hell for being transgender. They didn’t push me out of their lives. If anything, they pulled me closer.

Being religious doesn’t give you the right to be a bigot. Being religious doesn’t automatically make you anti–LGBTQ. Religion is not a shield you can hide behind and throw vile, cruel words. It definitely doesn’t give you the right to take property from a public library and burn it.

How much hatred do you have to hold in your heart to burn kids’ books?

If you would like to donate LGBTQ YA fiction books to the library, email Eric Smith at

He will share the information he gained from the library’s director and help coordinate some efforts. Let’s get these kids some awesome new books!