PS4 Consoles Are Under Attack

Here’s how you can prevent your PS4 from getting bricked

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

You come home from a long day of school or work, grab some food, and change into some more comfortable clothes. You flop down in your favorite spot, whether it’s the middle of the couch, a gaming chair, or on the floor. You power on your beloved Playstation ready to relax and blow off some steam. In the upper right hand corner, you receive a notification saying you have a message. A pang of confusion hits when you don’t recognize the name. Curiosity gets the best of you and you open the message.

Your confusion only grows as you see what the message contains. It’s just a spanish word, a heart emoji, and a question mark. You shrug it off and exit back to the home screen to load up your favorite video game.

Except, now you can’t do anything. Your PS4 abruptly crashes. You try powering it back up, but it crashes again. Then it crashes a couple more times. Suddenly, your day has gone from solid to terrible. You frantically pull out your laptop or phone to scour the web, seeing if there’s any possible fix.

People are sending these messages to loads of Playstation accounts. These messages consist of characters that tamper with PS4’s software. You don’t even have to open the message for the exploit to take effect. Just receiving the notification is enough to brick your system.

This glitch was first discovered when a player logged into a game of Rainbow Six Siege on a “dummy” account and sent the message to all of the opposing team members. Every teammate except one had to factory reset their PS4s, losing all of their digital game installs. The only person who didn’t have to reset had his messaging settings already set to where nobody could message him.

Optic Gaming’s Dashy had his PS4 bricked live during his stream. He did manage to fix his system by resetting it. People all over are frantically trying to fix their gaming consoles after receiving one of these seemingly harmless messages. Reddit and other gaming forums are filling up with the same questions. How do I fix my system after receiving the message? How do I prevent this from happening if it hasn’t already?

At this time, Sony has not acknowledged or addressed the glitch.

How do you prevent this from happening to you?

The only known way to prevent this horrendous malfunction is to set your privacy settings to where no one can send you messages. You can also just set to friends only if you know all of your Playstation Network friends personally and trust them. Trying to delete the message from the mobile app will only work if your PS4 has not been turned on after receiving the message.

Go to Settings.
Go to Account Management.
Go to Privacy Settings.
Enter your password.
Go to Personal Info/Messaging.
Change it to either “Friends Only” or “No One.”



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