Transgender People Can Not Be Erased

Number 45 doesn’t read, but we all know that already.

Trump and all of his ignorant backers and enablers want to erase me and my trans brothers and sisters. They refuse to read anything regarding trans people. Instead, they just want to claim we don’t exist and force everyone to follow in their footsteps. There are some long articles with a lot of big words, but it all comes down to Number 45 wanting to “eradicate” transgender individuals.

The Trump administration has turned their back on transgender people at every opportunity they were given. They’ve tried to kick us out of the military. They’re trying to force us to use the wrong bathrooms. They don’t want schools to help transgender kids and teens. They’ve got teachers keeping kids out in the open during active shooter drills. They’ve enabled targeting, bullying, and isolation.

Now they want to force us into genetic testing to prove our genders. Now they want to erase us. They want to strip us from any protection against discrimination. They want to force us to live as the gender we were born as, according to our chromosomes.

The new definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of the estimated 1.4 million Americans who have opted to recognize themselves — surgically or otherwise — as a gender other than the one they were born into. — New York Times

This quote is laced in bullshit, but it sums up what Number 45 and his posse are trying to do. We didn’t ‘opt to’ recognize ourselves as men and women. We are men and women.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  1. Would you want to be genetically tested to prove your gender?
  2. Can you tell what chromosomes people have just by looking at them?
  3. Do all cisgender men and women completely abide by society’s strict gender rules? Aren’t some men just feminine naturally without being gay? Aren’t some women simply a bit more masculine than others without being attracted to other women?
  4. Don’t some women just happen to have deeper voices and don’t some men happen to have higher ones?
  5. Do you honestly believe the strict dehumanizing procedures placed on trans and gender nonconforming people are ONLY going to affect them?

While people were in an uproar about trans people using the “wrong” bathrooms, a good bit of masculine, straight women were also harassed. Some were even assaulted by other people simply for going to the women’s bathroom. Cisgender women were pushed out of their own bathroom and labeled a sexual predator, just because they didn’t fit perfectly with someone’s idea of a “real woman”.

These “cake wars” where cake shops are refusing to make wedding and party cakes for LGBTQ people are losing money in the long run. They’re losing money in lawsuits and loss of customers. They’re losing time that they could be spending building and bettering their businesses. They’re losing potential customers due to word of mouth and bad press.

People that are openly targeting LGBTQ people are being doxxed and targeted on social media. Their information is being blasted on social media for anybody to just pop up to their house or job. They’re losing their jobs. They’re losing friends, because they don’t want to be associated with someone who’s being consistently trashed on social media — for fear of being targeted too. They’re losing time and mental peace from dealing with all the backlash.

Teachers are losing time that could be spent on teaching when they have to stop and decide what to do about LGBTQ kids. They’re losing precious moments during crucial drills that are supposed to help save kids’ lives because they’re having to stop and decide which locker room a young girl should go into. Teachers are losing peace having to watch what they say and how they help LGBTQ kids. They’re losing control in their classrooms when LGBTQ kids are targeted and bullied on their watch.

You lose when you go against LGBTQ people.

It might not be immediately, but it’s bound to happen. You’re bound to have some friendly fire and unnecessary casualties. You’ll lose things you didn’t even think about, just because making someone feel inferior in that moment made you feel better.

How hard is it for you to just let us live our lives? We’re literally NOT bothering anyone.

Transwomen are the ones in danger when they go into either bathroom. They can get sexually assaulted for going into the men’s restroom and targeted and hit for going into the women’s restroom. Trans people are the ones in danger when they can’t get a job due to discrimination. Trans people are in danger when they’re abruptly kicked from the military with no backup plan. Transwomen are in danger when they’re assaulted on the street just because someone feels like they can.

Both young and older trans people are terrified, all because you can’t wrap your head around us being different. The thought of us living our lives just bothers some of you to no end. So now we have to live in fear. Now we have to feel like we have to rush to receive hormones and surgeries and fix legal matters before someone literally strips our basic rights away. Now we have to live in fear of being erased — literally erased.

Well, you can’t erase me.

You can’t force me to pretend. You can’t force me to waste my life trying to please society. I am not your property. You don’t get to decide how I can and can’t live. You don’t get to decide what I am. I am a man. My trans brothers are men. My trans sisters are women. Your tantrum throwing president and your bullshit beliefs don’t get to dictate my life. Trans people have always existed. We have always found a way to live in our truth.

You cannot erase us. Keep trying.



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