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Brianna Kilcullen

  1. Do not forget to bring ten dollars for immigration when you arrive. Although the nice gentleman let me go through, they will sometimes make you go back and then re-que.
  2. 90% of Haitians are Christians, 10% are Protestant and 100% are believers of Vodou. This makes Haiti a mostly homogeneous state in regards to ethnicity and religion, which are two factors that I have seen in other countries that can make impoverished countries even more complicated.
  3. There is not one but three currencies in Haiti; US dollars, Haitian dollars and Gourdes.
  4. Over 10 million people live in Haiti and 20% of the country resides in Port-au-Prince.
  5. The Dominican Republic has implemented racist legislation that creates tension and trade imbalance on the Haitian and the DR border.
  6. Haiti’s new president, Jovenel Moïse, has been in office since February 2017.
  7. The Haitians do not like the rain.
  8. The best rum punches you’ll ever drink (and some of the strongest) are in Haiti.
  9. Haitians are known for their art.
  10. It’s very difficult for Haitians to receive visas to the US. After the earthquake, a lot of Haitians travelled through Central America and Mexico to come to the US and were not able to make it into the country. When crossing the Tijuana border from Mexico to San Diego, you’ll see Haitians queuing at the front of the line hustling to make a living.
  11. Little Haitian girls have attitude for days and I love it.



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