Carver County deserves local representation

Carver County Republicans really have no reason to take my advice, but I’m going to offer it anyway. They have two candidates seeking their endorsement for the State Senate seat in District 47: Dr. Scott Jensen, a physician, former Waconia school board member and former local party chair and Jake Coleman, the son of former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman who has worked as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen.

As someone who generally votes for Democrats, I’m not going to have a vote in this battle; but the political realities of this district (at the moment, anyway) would indicate that winner of this endorsement race is going to be the heavy favorite to win the election in November.

So, it’s important to me who emerges victorious in this contest.

And what is important to me — even if I’m going to have a State Senator that votes against my policy preferences most of the time — is to at minimum have someone in the office who really understands our community and has a real connection to it.

When comparing these two candidates, there’s no doubt who fills that requirement — and it’s Dr. Scott Jensen.

He’s built a successful medical practice in Carver County over the last 30 years. He’s raised his children here. He’s been involved in the community here. I don’t agree with Jensen politically, but there’s no denying his involvement and his work to make Carver County a better place.

Jake Coleman seems like an earnest kid. But let’s face it. With Julianne Ortman’s pending retirement being whispered about for years, Coleman moved to Chanhassen last year with the idea of running this race and kickstarting a climb to bigger and better things. His issue positions are GOP boilerplate — the only novelty of his campaign is that he’s 29 years old. And he’s been able to cash in on the connections that come with being a Senator’s son.

Carver County residents deserve to have representation that puts them first and understands the communities they are going to St. Paul to speak for. Carver County Republicans should endorse an actual Carver County Republican to represent the County at the Capitol.

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