EP 48: Putting the Fashion in Detroit — Retail Turnaround Specialist, Jeffry Aronsson

When you think of Detroit, do you think of fashion? You may not, and that’s ok — but not for long. Jeffry Aronsson, retail turnaround and transformation specialist, is hell bent on changing that.

Some background on Jeffry Aronsson

Jeffry is a globally recognized leader in formulating and executing turnaround and brand growth strategies. He is an expert in licensing, operations, brand development and repositioning. He was the CEO of Oscar de la Renta (1993–2003), Marc Jacobs (2003), Donna Karan (2004–2006), Emanuel Ungaro (Interim CEO: 2011) and Ralph Rucci (CEO: 2012–2013).

He’s the founder and CEO of Aronsson Group LLC — specializing in helping fashion and apparel companies with the operational and financial ends of their businesses. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan tapped Jeffry in Sep 2017 to lead a committee that will create a “comprehensive actionable plan” for transforming Detroit into a major hub serving the world’s $2.5 trillion apparel, fashion and luxury sector.
He spent three decades in New York City’s fashion and luxury apparel industry and is focusing his expertise, insights and relationships on the transformative vision the Mayor and Jeffry share. Jeffry is a native of Detroit.

Listen to hear how he is going to do all this.

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