Episode 44: FitLogic Founder & CEO, Cricket Lee

From left to right: José Chan, Cricket Lee, Todd Harris

It didn’t fit, so she did something about it. Not just for her, but for all women. We got to spend a very interesting 20 minutes with Cricket Lee from FitLogic at NRF 2018.

About Cricket Lee

While shopping for clothing and struggling to find clothes that fit, Cricket Lee realized there was a fit problem across the fashion industry. She set out to solve that problem, and improve the shopping experience for all women.

Cricket is a veteran of the retail industry who has invented a revolutionary sizing technology called Fitlogic. Fitlogic is a universal sizing standard for women’s clothing. It’s currently being evaluated by top retailers interested in adopting it to their clothing lines.

Cricket is a marketing expert with over 70 awards for advertising excellence, and learned how to solve problems from her father who designed missiles for NASA.


Fitlogic is a world patented commercial clothes fitting standard that includes size and shape applications. The technology was developed with more than 60,000 women’s measurements, then refined through brick and mortar tests with retailers (Nordstrom, QVC, Macys), online and in designer boutiques. Consumer direct programs, customer service and global applications were studied, and a proof of concept was completed through direct to consumer house brand LittleBlackPant after a year of testing. Fitlogic has garnered over 750 media exposures including Wall Street Journal cover story, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, ABC News and segments on The Today Show.

Find out more about FitLogic on Twitter and at http://www.fitlogic.com/

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