Episode 55: IRL Co-Founder, Gen Liston

Like every show, José and Todd end up roaming the halls like a couple decently dressed zombies. With coffees. And bags. Anyway…

This time, at Shop.org 2018, we ran into a really interesting company that found a VERY underserved space for brands. IRL, meaning exactly that — In Real Life — is helping brands of all types find new customers in that gap between retail stores and online. Using emerging channels such as Airbnb, WeWork and Health Clubs, IRL not only makes it possible but super easy for brands to cut through the noise and make their products the centre of attention.

So, next time you stay at an Airbnb, open the fridge, and find a six pack of beer with some promotional materials, it might just be from IRL. Oh, and don’t forget to drink the beer.

Listen to the episode 👇 for more on how they are doing this.

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