Episode 56: Rohvi Founder and CEO, Sara Whiffen

As always at National Retail Federation’s yearly bonanza, we get to meet with some of the most interesting new technologists, thought leaders, and retail pros. This year was no different. Sara Whiffen from Rohvi took a little time out of her crazy schedule to sit with us and talk retail. Specifically, we talked about a new-ish term, called “re-commerce”. Simply put, Rohvi works with mid to high-end fashion brands to create AI-driven buyback offers for the brand’s customers. The goal is to get customers to buy more, obviously, while offering some financial return from the product they already bought.

Give a listen to hear from Sara about how this all works and why it’s working so well for some very well known brands. 👇

To learn more about Rohvi — head over to www.rohvi.com

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