Thank you, Kurt Vonnegut

One reason to write

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3 min readMar 17, 2024


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I borrowed a Kurt Vonnegut book from the library today. It says that Kurt said we should write what we care terribly about.

Naturally I wanted to write to check what I cared about terribly.

But what we care about terribly, depends on time, doesn’t it?

It’s Saturday night. This morning I cared terribly about having sex with my wife. Now I care terribly about the mean things I said to her an hour ago.

This morning I cared terribly about the chicken wings we’d ordered last night from St. Louis Bar and Grill. Right now I care about the chicken I am frying alone for chicken chili — something my wife and I were supposed to do together tonight.

But beyond transient fight status with my wife, I do have some relatively permanent concerns.

I mean, I do care about my family terribly.

I care about myself terribly.

I need nicotine in my body terribly.

I need beer during the weekends terribly.

I care about being a writer professionally, terribly.

I wanna see the best cities and beaches in the world, terribly.

I am a Nepalese and I dislike my society and culture terribly. And horribly.

I don’t care about the world. I used to.

I don’t care about morality. I used to.

I was watching an old WWE segment today. A feud between Batista and John Cena. In their storyline, Batista is the heel (villain) and Cena is the babyface (hero), obviously. Batista tells the crowd that they hate him because he speaks the truth when he tells them that he doesn’t care about them and when he sees them, all he sees is dollars. He tells the crowd that they love Cena even though Cena lies to them when he says he cares about them and gives them false hopes.

Here’s the link. Watch it, it’s interesting:

Story of Batista vs. John Cena | WrestleMania 26 (

I am more like that Batista these days. I used to be like Cena.

I care about myself, my family, and my writing career.