This Week’s 10 Reflections

Jealousy, dreams, Buddhism…

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2 min readMar 9, 2024


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  1. Sitting down to write is when I pay the best attention to what’s happening in my life, my family, and the world. This is when I am like a cameraman adjusting his lens for the best focus. I am not satisfied until the focus is clear on my life, family, and the world. I take a shot. That’s enough.
    There’s no other activity that allows me to do all this. Dreams come the closest.
    Thinking is like looking with hazy lens.
    Speaking is like taking a video.
  2. That’s why we should read what others write. What they wrote is what they saw best when they were writing and editing. That’s important cause we never know what brilliant thing someone might be looking at.
    And when we read, we are doing our best to focus on what’s being shown.
    And that’s important cause we never know what brilliant thing we might be missing.
  3. Some prefer listening to audio or watching videos. All good. But listening and watching feel like external activities to me. They are social and environmental. Writing feels internal and personal. Like dreaming.
    Each has its uniqueness. We are both outside and inside.
  4. This week I discovered a great use of external communication for my internal cure. I cured jealousy towards a co-worker simply by telling my wife that I was jealous of him.
  5. This week I discovered a great use of internal communication for external cure too. The day I was rude to a co-worker, I came back home, sat on my chair, wrote a few words, and filled my chest with inspiration. ‘My dreams are different’, ‘My path is different’, ‘I should focus on myself,’ I told myself.
    The next day, I behaved well with that guy. No problems.
    Internal and external: they are intertwined.
  6. ‘Trying’ is an underrated word. ‘Keep Trying’ is an underrated phrase.
  7. We wouldn’t need so much useless entertainment content and overrated personalities (celebrities) if only we learned to think better and clearer.
  8. If we ignore the copyright infringements, the cheating, the copying, the human replacing, and the creativity killing, ChatGPT is an amazing tool. Levels above normal internet search engines. Levels above dictionaries. These tools can be best used for digging into the internet and language.
  9. I have seen Buddhism’s moderation apply to my life. I get restless without nicotine and caffeine. 12 mg of nicotine and two spoons of caffeinated coffee give me anxiety.
    6 mg and one spoon is my Middle Way.
  10. What’s happening today is unique for today. Tomorrow is going to be different. No two days are the same. They might be similar but not the same.

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