Our Story

SOLD! We bought our first home! July 2016.

Bye, Recession, hello homeownership.

It wasn’t without its ups and downs. Coming straight out of college (Andy in 2010, myself in 2012) and into a job in our respective fields was certainly a high point. In that, we were lucky. But it wasn’t without its struggles. Andy was working benefit-less for a long while, and I was only at an entry-level pay grade in my career. It’s a story everyone’s heard, nothing special.

A few jobs later and several apartments hops, I finally made The Big Jump to move in with Andy at his apartment in August of 2014. We’ve been at the same apartment in Historic Ellicott City, and loved it ever since.

We love lighting our staircase during the holidays; our “Christmas” tree. The view is beautiful during the winter, too.

But towards the end of 2015, we began to notice that we were slowly outgrowing our apartment. Having people over was a pain, and Andy needed a proper garage for his new baby.

This baby. A BMW M4 at the BMW Welt, Munich Germany. September 2015.

That brought us to one conclusion: we need to make a Really Big Jump, and buy a house. Not just any house, but a house that Andy can live with. Or, in other words, near-impossible with houses that already exist. DIY-ing is more my thing than Andy’s!

Ahh, Andy. He’s kind of a cat. But I love cats, so we make it work.

Speaking of cats, here’s ours: Almond, Resident Derp Monster.

We looked into building a new home though a builder. Andy can pick what he likes and can live with, and I can change the rest. We found one in a good location and within our budget, and so in July 2016 we set forth and began talking with the builder to begin the makings of our first home.

But Andy saw something in common with the floor plans we received, and the instructions for his favorite toy: LEGO.

LEGO Modular Building Series. aka Baller minifigures doing baller activities.

So, we decided to build our house ourselves. No, not the one we will eventually live in, our builders are much more capable and probably less clumsy. We’ll be building a miniature model of our house out of LEGO as it gets built.

That’s why we’ve started writing about it. We don’t know where homeowning will take us in the new year, but we’re crossing our fingers for the best, and we will write about the good, the bad, and the demolition-worthy. After all, we’ve made it so far, perhaps we can keep on going.

We’re alright.


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