LEGO’s Tiny Plants Provide Tons of Joy

Why the premise of “tiny” works

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The completed LEGO Tiny Plants set on a black surface in front of a black background. There are nine plants in pots, three each in teeny, tiny, and small sizes. There are a great variety including cacti, flowers, Venus fly traps, and more.
LEGO’s Tiny Plants set takes a big bite out of your stress.

LEGO has been releasing a lot of botanical-themed sets recently, both in its official botanical collection and outside of it. But this recent one, Tiny Plants, seems to take many to an extra level.

But why? Why was this set such a hit to put together?

Sure, as LEGO has clearly figured out, people get joy and even stress relief from having botanical elements in their homes whether they are alive or plastic.

Sure, it utilized a modular design like more recent sets including Succulents, making it easier to have multiple people create the set.

But the design of this set very smartly focused on a particular element:


There’s something inherently endearing, even cute, about the set because of its tiny aesthetic.

Three portrait photos. The first (on the left) shows an example of the smallest sized Tiny Plant, a blue and purple flower in a teeny pot in the authors hand for scale. The second (in the middle) shows an example of the medium sized Tiny Plant, a cactus, in a pot a little bigger than the previous in the author’s hand for scale. The third (on the right) shows an example of the “large” Tiny Plant, a pitcher plant, in a pot a little bigger than the previous in the author’s hand for scale.
One from each of the three different sizes of Tiny Plants. Aren’t they just gorgeous and cute?!

But why?

Cute things make us happy and tiny things do too

Seeing something cute and tiny can release the “happy” hormones oxytocin and dopamine.



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