Vuforia Chalk -A bridge to modern communication at remote work

Vuforia Chalk provides remote communication experience enabled by the Vuforia AR Platform and Apple’s ARKit technology. It allows real-time video and voice sharing of the same view.

How does that make it different from any video calling app like google duo and skype? This ground-breaking technology permits the people in different locations to share a live view of the environment and draw annotations on them, which appears to be anchored to objects and surfaces as if it is drawn on them.

Gone are the days of cumbersome trouble-shooting and the frustration of not being able to exactly explain the problem or the different steps it’ll require to solve it. Vuforia Chalk provides an innovative and simple solution to help both the users reach a common understanding of a problem and obtain an effective solution.

The Vuforia Chalk app can be used for a wide variety of tasks by people of all ages. From guiding aged family members to helping family and friends with the latest gadgets, the practical application of this software is limitless. It can also be used by businesses to give guidance to their service teams or operators.

“Vuforia Chalk represents one of the most practical uses of AR technology to date. It has the potential to improve our personal and professional lives — initially by helping each other,” Jay Wright, President, Vuforia at PTC.