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The Value in Speaking to a Few, Not All

Focusing your message to engage your audience

Principle: Make material relevant to increase engagement

Rice and beans make up a large part of our target population’s diet. Rather than telling them to stop eating these foods outright, our resource explains how their decisions around food will impact their blood sugars.

Principle: Make sure information is easily understood

We used a relatable traffic analogy to explain how insulin works in the body. In this example, cars and roads represented blood sugar and blood vessels.

Principle: Don’t just give instructions — explain the why

By explaining the “why” behind instructions, we give patients a clearer picture of why each step is important and necessary.

Principle: Meet patients where they are by addressing misconceptions

By addressing specific and common misconceptions that our target patients had about diabetes, our resource may help to change patient perspectives that can lead to more positive behaviours.

Patient-centricity is only the beginning

Click here to view the entire diabetes patient resource on Issuu



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